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Locations & Landmarks

Bay and Lake Formations
(From North to South): Little Loon Bay, Haberkorn Bay (Sunfish Bay), Peterson Bay, Gerlach Bay (Black Bear Bay), Blueberry Bay, Dow Pond, Doug's Lake, Mud Lake, Snag Bay, Pretty Bay, Moonlight Bay, Orgen Bay, Northwest Bay, Main Lake, Musky Bay, Otter Pond, Bass Bay, Ballou Bay, Canoe Bay, South Camp Bay, Deep Lake.

(From North to South): Frog Island, Frank Stout Island (Big Island, Moonbeam Island), Loon Island, Manicure Island, Deer Island, Emma's Island, Isle of Pines, Long Island

(From North to South): Ranch Road, Alberta Lane, Drake Road, Green Lake Road, Mallard Lane

Frank Stout Island (Big Island)
Donated to the Lake Owners association in the early 1990's Frank Stout (of the Stout Lumber family). The island is approximately 40 acres in size and supports a variety of wildlife and an old growth forest. It has been set aside as a nature preserve and has no buildings or structures on it. The island can be accessed from the South side shore.

Isle of Pines (Gerlach Island)
Considered one of Wisconsin's oldest, continuously inhabited and first private island. The island is approximately 8 acres in size and has a private resort on it that dates back to the turn of the century. The island also supports an impressive selection of mushrooms, wildflowers (Trillium also called Wake Robin covers the island in the spring) and old growth pines. The islands lodge and in-water boathouse with living quarters are an impressive examples of a 1900's fishing camp. The islands structures have been preserved and are worth the trip to view and photograph. Raggedy Ann and the Lucky Penny was written on the island. The old oak barge used to build the island remains preserved and sits on the lake bottom about 20 feet from the boathouse.

South Camp Village
(at the Junction of Sissabagama Road and Green Lake Road): The original name of the village remains lost, but the nickname remains: South Camp. This community supported a stonecutter (piles of stones are still found by the shore), a general store, lumber mill (the equipment not sold was sunk in the lake when it closed), post office and several houses.

Boulder Lodge and Black Eagle Lodge
(North Shore): These structures were both resorts and a boxing camp run by Karl Ogren. The boxing camp hosted such well-known boxers as Joe Louis, Barney Ross, Sammy Mandell, Jimmy Braddock (Cinderella Man), Arne Anderson and Billy Gillespie. The original structures date back to the 1920's and make for impressive photos.