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Letter From Rick Remington on May 2013


The association decided to not pursue any State Natural Area (SNA) designation from the state of Wisconsin at this time. The Conservation Easement with WWLT is still in effect.


Annual tour of Little Siss "Big Island" is Sept. 5


The Little Sissabagama Shoreowners Association hosted an open educational nature program Saturday, May 24 following the association's annual spring meeting. Full Article Here.


The meeting agenda for the spring 2008 meeting has been posted here.


We are sorry to inform you Ed Cook passed away today, May 7, 2008.


Armond Schneide, longtime resident of Lake Little Sissabagama passed away on January 14, 2008. He had been battling cancer for 7 months. He will be missed by his family and the families and friends he made on the Lake. Armond was a strong contributor to our association and to various organizations in the area.


Hayward, WI: WWLT/LSSOA PR release.


The website has been updated to reflect changes made during the September association meeting.


DATE:  Saturday, September 1, 2007
TIME:  9:00 A.M.
PLACE:  Pine Ridge Lodge

Treasurer’s report: Mike Skwira
Minutes from May meeting: Jeanne Schnack
Website report: Peter Lytle
Association by-laws update: Peter Lytle
Wildlife report: Del Anderson
Boom shock report: John Montgomery
Drake Lane update: Jim Kissinger
Mallard Lane update: Chuck Abrams
Stout Island Plan update: Chuck Abrams

Election of officers

* Yearly dues due in September


A letter has been sent out to all property owners. You can download the letter here.


More and more black bear are being seen. The week prior to July 4th, we have had 2 sightings of 2 single bears between Little Siss and Bar H and one sow with 2 cubs near the Chit Chat in Edgewater.


The annual picnic and boat parade will be held Saturday, June 30th at the isle of pines. Call 865-4138 with questions or for more information.


Other news: Town of Edgewater approved reconstruction of Mallard Lane upon approval of the DOT. Work to start in 2007 and be finished in 2009.

The annual association meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 26 at Pine Ridge. Special speaker, Rick Gauger of the West Wisconsin Land Trust.


At last night’s town meeting, the town board approved the planning commissions recommendation to go ahead and improve Mallard Lane with 3 conditions:
remove the clump of trees at the entrance and make a wider turn for emergency vehicles
increase the size of the turnaround and use the driveways that exist as part of that effort
write a plan for the WDOT asking for an exception on the width of Mallard Lane

We had already planned for the removal of the trees at the entrance and I reminded the board that the “hole” there represents the only water collection point on that side of the road during wet times. I asked that they NOT fill that in entirely. Town Chair Waldo Asp recognized the issue and said that future plans may call for some sort of culvert there in the future.

The turnaround will be increased from 48 feet to approx. 50 feet and may be more egg shaped. Per John Montgomery’s previous suggestion, they may remove a tree or 2 at the entrance to his joint driveway with Leslie Kreofsky in order to accommodate the new requirements. The town will also have to survey the land to buy the rights for the main turnaround area with the proper owner(s).

Board member Bill Zimmer will head up the effort to write the exception for the WDOT and our attorney John Carlson will work with him to see that it is done properly and meets our needs.

Work on the road will begin this year and be phased in over the course of the next 1-2 years due to budget constraints. In addition, the town will contact us to review the tree removal. There are some trees that we had designated as “keepers” that may have to go still based on what the town needs in order to make the road properly. THIS INCLUDES AT LEAST ONE OF THE OLD GROWTH PINES. Of those pines, we are hoping to keep the white pine and we may have to lose the red pine. Affected property owners CAN and MAY contact John to ask any questions about this OR contact the township directly.

Note on the timing and budget constraints: since we hired legal counsel to help us avoid being improperly assessed for this work, or having to act as general contractors ourselves as the town once proposed, the township now has to bear the full cost burden and hence spread the work out over a few years.

If individual property owners decide to take issue with the township through Mr. Carlson’s office for any matters on their own behalf, please make sure that you do it apart from this joint effort.

Waldo Asp thanked the owners for their partnership with the town in finding a compromise solution to the road issue.

I’d like to thank you all for your patience and help in getting this issue resolved. I will be sending out a new notice for the upcoming payment for the attorney fees. Once we get through the WDOT exception, I think we will be done with our need for legal counsel. By having Mr. Carlson look over the WDOT proposal Bill Zimmer will put together, we hope to save ourselves any headaches down the road. Once we have that approved by the WDOT, we feel that the road issue SHOULD be good through any future town administrations.

I would also like to thank Mr. Carlson for taking this case and maneuvering it through the sometimes clumsy world of local government. We look forward to a sound conclusion and appreciate all his hard work, considerable time on the road and advice.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Humbly submitted.

Chuck Abrams


Our attorney John Carlson attended the public hearing last night and here is a recap of what he heard. I am going to make an effort to attend the May 8 meeting and I suggest if you can, please try. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Here is what happened at last night's planning committee meeting.
I presented the same proposal as was presented to the board at the previous meeting. I suggested that the town get apply for an exception from the DOT so that there would be no need for ditches and a lateral clearance. The lateral clearance is a requirement that all obstructions, including trees would be removed that are within 10 feet of the of the road. There is some argument as to where this measurement is taken from, but the position that needs to be taken is that
regardless of where it is measured from, there is no need to remove the trees given this road is not a typical highway where vehicles travel 55 mph. The DOT standards are written for roads where vehicles travel 55 mph. The lateral clearance is a new issue that came up. It is something that is address in the 2000 plus page DOT manual on how to construct highways. Again the manual is written for highways where the speeds are 55 mph. and not roads to the like of Mallard Lane.

The board had some concern with the turnaround having a radius of 24 feet. The road maintenance person said that the town's smallest dump
truck had a turning radius of about 48-50 feet and the fire truck would have a much greater turning radius. I suggested that a turnout or
turnaround as designed in the driveway ordinance could also be incorporated using the existing driveways at the end of the road. I believe that is what is currently being used by the town when they plow the road and turn around at the end of the road. I also argued that if there was a fire, most departments and especially the DNR with forest fires use mobile pumps and would pump water out of the lake and not truck the water in.

The town recommended improving Mallard Lane with the following three recommendations:

1. The trees at the entrance of Mallard Lane should be removed (They have already been marked to be removed).
2. The town should apply for an exception from the DOT before making any improvements.
3. The turn around needs to meet with the approval of the fire department.

This recommendation will be presented to the town board on Tuesday May 8th at 7 p.m. Bill Zimmer indicated that the board would in all
likeliness make a decision and not table it. I think the board will follow Mr. Zimmer's recommendation and anything he says. The exception
takes about a month to get from the DOT. There will be an issue as to who will draft the exception. Bill Zimmer has indicated that while he
can provide guidance on drafting the exception, but he cannot do it because he works for the DOT and he believes there would be a conflict
of interest. This is something the town should really be doing, but at the same time it is the landowners who lose out if it is not done correctly.
He was hinting that we might want to take the lead in doing the exception. I agree this is the town's responsibility. The problem is that the town could very well either give a half hearted effort or decide not even to apply for the exception and go ahead with the 2 foot shoulders.

Carson, who is both on the town board, as well as the planning committee, tried to give me a hard time last night by saying
there was nothing the landowners could to if the town wanted to put in a 66 foot wide road. While that is never going to happen,
his message was that the town could pay hardball, which they can, but so can we if they were to be so outrageous.

Chuck Abrams


Marlo Schield has reported a black bear and her cub have made a home near the Doubek property on Deep Lake. Use caution when on walks or bike rides.

May 8 should be the date Mallard Lane residents know the disposition of the proposed road improvements. A new wrinkle to the matter is that the town may choose to simply perform some maintenance on the road this year and push more serious work until 2008/09. Contact Chuck Abrams at 612.869.4946 if you have any questions on your share of the attorney fund.

Boogity’s bar and restaurant in Stone Lake closed but will open again with either a new owner or revert back to the Paine families.

Look for some modest changes inside at the Pine Ridge on Big Siss.

Peter Lytle has put out marker buoys for low areas on the lake.

Dean Rindahl (Big Siss) has bypass surgery recently and is doing fine.

A new Osprey nest is located just before Lost Lane near Green Lake. The nest can be seen in the top of 2 trees in clearing just beyond the tree line off the road on the Green Lake side of the road. The Osprey seem to insist on making the south end of Little Siss their private hunting ground.

The beaver on the south end of the lake is active, contrary to some thoughts. The Isle of Pines lost a lot more trees over the winter. If anyone knows of a trapper interested in working the area, please advise!

Jake Leinenkugel is reportedly going to start building a new cabin on Deep Lake this summer.


Yesterday I met John Carlson (our attorney), Marlo Schield, Jake Leinenkugel and Mark Johnson to stake off the road per our agreement with the township from the March meeting. We placed stakes 18 feet apart (per the agreement) for the base road surface and marked off the turn around at the end of the road

We also identified trees that will stay and ones we want to leave. Of particular concern are the tress that will be at the very edge of the 18 foot surface. But, we have marked them as “keepers” and we can only hope the town does a good job. The trees we will lose are marked with orange tape. The ones we want to keep are marked with green or yellow. We made an effort to keep as many pines as we could and sacrificed some hardwoods in order to keep the pines if we had to make a choice. In addition, we also marked the small clump of trees on the Birchwood side of the road entrance as trees we could lose. This will help give us a wider entrance and make it easier for any large vehicles entering from Stone Lake or Birchwood.

We also asked John to put a request for a “No Outlet” or “Dead End” sign to be posted eventually.

John has an estimate for survey of the road to be done since we have little confidence in the exact center of the road. The township has said a survey is not needed since they are going off of the existing road as a guide. IF THAT IS THE CASE, we will forgo the survey of the road BUT the township must accept our posting of the new path. IF THEY DO NOT agree to that new path (since they asked us to do this anyway) we will propose that the survey MUST be done in order to determine property lines of the existing road at the townships expense, not ours. The reason for this is to make sure that if the township takes property from any owner, that the proper owners are identified and the amount of land taken is properly identified. Only that way can the township determine who the proper owner is and thus properly compensated.

Lastly, we may propose a survey be done at least for the turn around since the township SHOULD compensate the property owners for that land. That also gives those owners legal basis for any tax situations they may want to take advantage of.

Our proposal will also include the clean up of the detritus of the tree work so it is not just dumped into the woods. Right now, the proposal is for the town to leave the removed trees for the property owner to cut up for firewood but remove all the unneeded tree parts. If a particular owner does not want the trees, it is up to them to offer it to someone else or arrange with the township to take them away. John will work out all that language.

Next up is a draft of the document from John by the end of this week to be approved for the April 16 town meeting. When John gets that document to us, please take the time to read it and make any suggestions or approvals asap. John will tell us how to best communicate any questions — to him or perhaps I will be the clearing house.

Talk to you soon and hope to see some of you on April 16.

Chuck Abrams


Last night, we met with the town board on the issue of widening Mallard Lane. In attendance were Marlo, Jake our attorney John Carlson and myself.

John presented a package to the township that outlined the legal road surface requirements (18-20 feet not 33) as well as state statutes that outlined the towns inability to vacate the road, deny fire service or assess us for the road upgrade. In addition, he also presented findings of the right of way (ROW) that varies from 49.5 to 66 feet.

The question remains on what exactly is the legal ROW on Mallard Lane. Obviously, we all want the lesser of the evils, especially if the town considers the aesthetics of the area as Waldo pointedly mentioned last night. John and the town will be working on that issue.

Bill Zimmer (of the town board) mentioned that if the town finds it do upgrade the road, it could all happen and be done by November of this year.

There are 2 meetings to take place — first is a public information meeting on Friday March 16 at 7 pm at the Edgewater Town hall. This is where the town will hear any considerations we have about the road upgrade.

Secondly, there will be a final meeting on Friday April 16 for the town to announce its final decision on the road.

All are welcome and urged to attend one or both of these meetings.

Our attorney John Carlson will be contacting each of you individually in regards to the March 16 meeting to get your concerns or issues. A lot of work has gone into this so far and John is acutely aware of the issues.

We all know that we have questions regarding the final path of the new road, erosion, ROW, existing driveway gates, the turnaround area, etc. John will be working with us and the town’s attorney to get all this as clear as we can before the town moves forward. There are probably more questions than answers right now and some of these things we can require legally and others may be “desires” that we will have to keep up with the town on after John does his legal thing.

If someone can please contact Dan Rheaume about this I would appreciate it. I will try to get ahold of Del and John Montgomery.

Lastly, on the “old” attorney — with some legal advice, we held his feet to the fire with the WI State Bar and got all of our money back which I am holding in an account to apply to John’s services. Peter Lytle has offered his company as the clearing house for the legal services and we will all owe him our share of the expenses. And a great deal of thanks.

Thanks and we look forward to your participation. Please feel free to ask me any questions, but I will be out of town Feb. 15-19 and March 16-23.
Chuck Abrams
Little Sissabagama Shoreowners Association
6301 Thomas Av. So.
Richfield, MN 55423
612.869.4946 (MN)
715.865.6072 (WI)

Lots of snow yesterday, most has melted, only some minor ice on the bays near the shore.
The lake level continues to drop, suggest you think about getting boats pulled while you still can, Doug is still at the Lake and will let you use his landing.  Please be sure to give him a donation (suggest $10), he has expenses also.
Anyone participating in the use of the dumpster on Drake lane, it is now locked down for the season.  We are looking for a new location?  Any ideas please call Alice Kissinger.
Mike and Karen Skwira had their 7th granddaughter this month. 
Stone Lake Cranberry Festival is scheduled for October 7th. 
The lake is as warm as a bathtub this month.  Global warming?  Fish are looking for cool water, fish the holes.
Fall Meeting is scheduled for the Sat. of the Labor Day Weekend, 9 AM at Pine Ridge.  Chuck will not be attending due to a schedule conflict. John Montgomery will act as meeting Chair.  Questions? call Chuck.  Issues relating to future of the management of Frank Stout Island will be discussed.
6/06 The loons are nesting across from Doug’s Hillside Cabin, do not make waves in the area called Peterson Bay.
The loons have two babies take it slow when you are near the nest (located by Boulder Lodge at the start of Peterson Bay)
Reports of one baby Osprey in the nest off of Stout Island has been made by Renner and Jane and confirmed by Doug.
Large Northern caught by visitor to Boulder Lodge, 33” is what we were told. These fish are here to stay.  Musky are still biting and some good sizes are being reported. 
Alberta Dunlap the oldest residence of the lake passed away at her winter home in Florida.  Doug can be reached at: 407-568-3441.  A memorial service is being planned in the spring in Stone Lake.
The Sirianni Cabin is reported to have been sold.  New owner is Leslie Fisher, drop by and say Hi this summer when out for a cruise.
Chuck Abrams has agreed to extend his post as President for another year. The 4th of July Parade and Picnic is scheduled for Saturday July 1st. Isle of Pines, see the minutes of the Spring Meeting.
Ice is out according to Steve Trude area contractor…very early this year.
Check your mail for the Spring Lakeshore owners association meeting.  Scheduled for Saturday on the Memorial Day weekend at Pine Ridge, 9AM sharp, refreshments will be served.
Birky in Hayward best in years.  Nice weather and lots of snow.
Finally lots of snow, the Birky should have a good year if it stays.
The ice is finally thick enough to fish on.  It has been an on again and off again event.
We recently heard that Mr. William Ballou passed away (Mpls.), it was not in the minutes.  Also passed on: Betty Dow (Chicago). Both were long time residence of the lake.  The Ballou diaries are still with the family and have a detailed history of the families early years at the cabin. Bill discovered a dugout canoe buried in the mud below his cabin in the 40’s. His daughter Dianne Nelson can be reached at: 763-593-5212.  Betty Dow came to the lake and spent many summers on Gerlach Island (Isle of Pines).  She first came to the island when she was 2 years old.  Raggedy Ann and the Lucky Penney was dedicated to her when it was written on the island.  Her son David Dow can be reached at: 608-244-7353
Ellen Frazer is now living full time in Tucson, AZ. her new telephone number is 520-883-8768.  Ellen’s eyesight is failing and she will not be traveling back to the lake every summers.  Her lake property is being listed for sale.  She hopes to stay in contact with her many area friends.  Give her a call and cheer her up. Woodland Real Estate in Hayward is listing the property. For more information on Ellen’s land hit this link: