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List of Service Providers

If you know of a business or someone good to add to this list call or e-mail Chuck Abrams, his contact information is on the membership list. If you have had a bad experience let Chuck know and the name can be flagged as a potential problem.


Russ Smith 715.462.4170 russ@russsmithconstruction.com
Steve Trude 715-865-4600 stephentrude@hotmail.com

Docks / Boats

Bob Tiede – boat launching and removal-limited storage 715-865-3123
John & Judy Paine - boat rentals and storage: 715.865.2546
Jesse Lesson (docks, lifts) jdlusson@yahoo.com


Bob Tiede 715-865-3123

Cabin Caretaking / Groundskeeping

Conroy and Carissa 715.865.9175 (referral from Skwira's)
Eric Skogen 715.865.6061
Norb Gundry -- handyman   715.865.2093


Pine Ridge: 715.865.2796 www.pineridgewi.com
Paul's Pizza Den: 214 N Wilson Street, Birchwood, WI 715.354.7058 (offers wi-fi) www.paulspizzaden.com
Dewars Black Bear Pub & Grille: 715.865.6565 (offers wi-fi) www.blackbearpubandgrille.com
Marie's Hideaway: 715.865.5082
Stone Lake Pub: 715.865.2141 (offers wi-fi) www.facebook.com/Stone-Lake-Pub-150540258469118
Birchwood Cafe: 715.354.3000 (offers wi-fi) www.birchwoodcafe.com
Backroads Coffee: 715.634.4950, Hayward (offers wi-fi) www.backroadscoffee.com/4-americas
Pine Brook Farm: 715.635.4511, Spooner, WI www.pinebrookfarmwi.com/home
The Whistle Punk: 715.957.0222 (offers wi-fi) www.thewhistlepunk.com

Hardware Stores

Stone Lake Hardware 715-865-2201


Lumber Stores

Stone Lake Lumber 715-865-2000


Brad Parks 952.913.7488 (from Abrams)

Pest Control

Guardian Pest Control  --  715.634.0405 (Hayward)   800-777-4616
Predator Pest Management (bats & bugs) -- Rourke Connors, 715.865.4622 (from Abrams)


Dennis Ruid Excavating 715.865.2136


LaBarre Plumbing 715.634.4076
Randy Patko RP Plumbing 715.865.3010


Ron Spreckels Construction -Install and Repair 715.634.8250
Jay Debus – general septic work 715.865.2119
Lynn's Honeywagon – septic pumping   715.865.2253 http://lynnshoneywagon.com

Tree Service

Dan Frost – tree cutting  715.588.1147


Butterfield 715.634.2286